What if yu say I am guilty
I will agree I am
What if yu say I caused it all
I won’t dispute that I don’t
What if yu say I was so harsh
I do believe it happened
What if I had asked yu well
Am still the one to be blame
What if I had not brot d Mata up at all
Yu wouldn’t have said anythn
dear it has just bn me feelin sober
Of everything have cosd towards yu
I don’t hav any other thng to depend on
Dat correts me yl am wrong
Someone I think and am rest assured I have someone
Dah look upon as not best but better than all
Someone dah knows ma weaknesses and ma good
Is it not dah Av wronged ti
Accused yu of  what actually uu have not done
I write this piece to please your heart
Of all bad thing Av done towards yu
Please accept ma apology no matter aw little
Like a wife accepts her fiance’s offers
Without rethought even when she has other options
How do  I feel when yu get angry
Angry about things Av personally caused
I feel sad,extremely sad anytime anytime I feel I caused it all
Of things yu know nothing at all
Its just soo painful yu can’t see me now
Yu would have see the kind expressions in ma face
Expressions showing different feelings
Sober,sad.unhappy,bad are all synonyms to what it communicates
In ma face dees are proudlyshowing their talents
Without anything been lackadaisical
What other ways of apologizing do I know
Than writing this piece for yu
Yu and only yu alone
No other Buh yu..just yu
Aw I hope ma heart pours down and yu can see it
Touchin the substance poured with ma pen
And writing this
This for someone who really worth it
Who deserves this from me
I put ma pen up here
And dry the ink,on ma paper
Displaying aw much abiodun is so,sorry about this
Sorry about what he,knows he has caused
am sorry


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