survival of the nigeria state;political and economic implications

There is no gainsay in the fact that the “moral” problems associated with corruption in
Nigeria is the cause of poverty and hunger in the country. Political and economic inequality
have become the order of the day as Nigerians struggle for survival and proper means of
alleviation of these precarious situations. Proper understanding of the meaning of corruption
and its moral implications are important in order to find a remedy to the problems that go with corruption. The demand for clarification of corruption and basis for its justification, “if any”, calls for a nationalistic approach to harness the potentialities that abound in Nigeria.
Nigeria, the acclaimed giant of Africa, bedevilled with bribery and all sorts of corrupt practices characterised by economic and political instability. When will Nigeria as a state gain herself a place of pride in the comity of economy? Are we the ones threatening ourselves? These are questions that should sound repeatedly in our ears, and the answer to these questions would be based on how really ready we are for the survival of Nigeria from the shambles of political, social and economic monster called corruption.
To start with, a country engulfed with bribery and corruption can never gain itself a place of pride in the comity of economy? Bribery, which is the most prevalent form of corruption, especially in Nigeria, has a moral significance, and is capable of hindering the legitimate political structure of the country. Analysing this, the nature and purpose of any given political system, which is building trust and transparency in purpose and in dealings with the members of the society. Trust and Transparency are necessary for the smooth running of any political system and within the society in relation to those who have been entrusted the power to rule the affairs of the people. Pinpointing the problems with the Nigerian Electoral process as it involves gift giving and bribery. The desire to get rich quick syndrome ,greed ,insatiable love for materialism, power tussle and social malaise have almost caught up with every Nigerian which I can authoritatively state are the cause of corruption and corrupt practices which are fuelled by power-hungry politicians and also spend huge money to acquire political posts. All they know is personal aggrandisement. Man and woman, old and young have new dimension of corrupt indulgence on daily basis.

In Addition to this, there is no one can gainsay in the fact that Nigeria is in shambles. It is very known to every Nigerian citizen that Nigeria is a still-born nation, a country that claims to be developing still running a very low educational system doesn’t prove it is developing, capital earmarked for particular educational projects are embezzled, the educational system is on the edge of a precipice, our so-called leaders have the problem of intimidation and paucity of funds, they are hydra headed monsters who doesn’t want progress for a poor country, they are clogs in the wheel of progress.
What is more, if Nigeria could survive these threats of which I am optimistic that it would have positive effects on political and economic sectors. Good governance is a factor that measures how sound the political sector of a country is. Do the so-called leaders practise good governance? Do we really have a round peg in the round hole? when Nigeria survive this state, we will then see leaders who will display vigor without vanity, strength without insolence, courage with ferocity with all virtues of leadership post without its vices, leaders who will not make decisions from their whims and caprices, leaders who will rise up to crack the nut of criminality as they unravel different and various crimes ranging from corruption. Another positive implication of the survival is that Nigeria will return to her long awaiting destiny ranging from high standard of living, sound technology, adequate security and others. And at this stage, Nigeria will be crime-free, riot-free and crises-free.
On a final note, it is my vision that able men of dexterity will rise up and put Nigeria into better condition, so that Nigeria will not sink into atrophy. I pray Nigeria reach the promise land she has been willing


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